LCA Software.

sample-imageGabi 6.

Gabi 6 is a well-recognized software tool for modeling products and systems from a life cycle perspective. Before LCA process, the user should build a life cycle of the product in a graphic diagram as shown in Figure 6. Based on the life cycle, the user defines inputs and outputs of material and energy for each stage; and then a sustainability report including resources and emissions is generated. Graphical construction of the life cycle of a product is an unique feature to others. The life cycle modeling in Gabi 6 is in a very clear way to illustrate and represent the whole life cycle of the product. It is similar to SimaPro which uses life cycle framework and generating network.



The Gabi database has been widely applied in various areas in Europe. It is created by PE INTERNATIONAL and includes over 4,500 lifecycle inventory profiles. It contains all major impact Assessment methodologies as listed in Table 3. Meanwhile, the user can modify and add elements into database and apply them when new lifecycle is to be modeled. The results provide detail data chart and inventories similar to those in SimaPro. However, the results chart and inventories is not easy to illustrate because so many data are listed and not visible in the table. Also, the graphic function is limited. In addition, the interface of Gabi is complicated to use and not user-friendly, which looks like an out of date version of Visual Basic programme's interface.