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COM (2008) 400


Green Public Procurement - Public procurement for a better environment




EC 66/2010


The EU Ecolabel




COM (2008) 400: GPP
Green Public Procurement - Public procurement for a better environment

GPP aims to encourage local authority or public bodies to purchase environmentally preferred products and services through weighted purchasing criteria. This is seen as a major driver for more sustainable production across the supply chain, and consumption within the EU. Target sectors: Construction, Food and catering, Energy (electricity, heating, cooling), Office machinery and computers, Clothing and textiles, Paper and printing services, Furniture, Cleaning products and services, Health sector equipment.
GPP is a voluntary instrument with high significance for the street/public lighting sector; information relating to street lighting can be found at:


Regulation EC 66/2010: Ecolabel
The EU Ecolabel        
Link: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?qid=1396282041430&uri=CELEX:32010R0066 

Regulation (EC) No 66/2010 concentrates on the EU Ecolabel award for the promotion of energy efficient products, and to provide a scientific guide to consumers. As well as energy efficiency the award takes the entire life cycle of the product into consideration. It focuses on points such as impact to climate change, substitution of hazardous substances and durability and reusability. The Ecolabel regulation document provides information on the requirements of a product using the Ecolabel, the requirements for its regulation and the cost of the labels use to a producer. The Ecolabel is a useful promotional tool to business, informing the consumer of the measures the producer has implemented to reduce environmental impacts. Award criteria relevant to the lighting sector would include: energy efficiency, lifetime, lumen maintenance, hazardous material content, CRI, packaging etc.)