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sample-image ReliaSoft Weibull++.

A Weibull analysis attempts to make predictions about the life of all products in apopulation by fitting a statistical distribution to life data from a representative sample of units. The parameterized distribution for the data set can then be used to estimate important life characteristics of the product such as reliability or probability of failure at a specific time, the mean life and the failure rate. Life data analysis requires:

• Gather life data for the product.

• Select a lifetime distribution that will fit the data and model the life of the product.

• Estimate the parameters that willfit the distribution to the data.

• Generate plots and results that estimate the life characteristics of the product, such as the reliability or mean life .


Weibull++ provides a comprehensive toolset for reliability life data analysis, calculated results, plots and reporting. The software supports all data types and all commonly used product lifetime distributions (including the Weibull model and the mixed Weibull model as well as the Exponential, Lognormal, Normal, Generalized Gamma, Gamma, Logistic, Loglogistic, Gumbel, Bayesian-Weibull and Competing Failure Modes).

Usefulness for Luminaire Manufacturers

A prerequisite for a reliable Weibull analysis is the existence of (preferably large) samples of real life data. Something which is not available for many newer generation LED lighting products. While Weibull++ may be a useful tool for the analysis and improvement of existing products, its use for newly developed lighting systems and eco-innovation approaches is limited.