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  cycLED Business Model framework
  The purpose of our cycLED BM framework is to highlight the interdependencies between those key elements : motivation, strategy, business model, product and service design and monitoring. While often this is perceived as logic and obligatory sequence in the cycLED project we experienced that starting points can differ as well as the sequence but that the end goal is to get those five elements explored and get comfortable with them. Although eco-innovation is a continuous process a certain level of comfort about those five themes is required to take successive action steps.
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  cycLED Business Model canvas
  The cycLED BM canvas is a tool that allows practitioners to describe business models while framing it into the companies ambition level, the stake holders, the environmental-impact and the performance management. It can be used in an iterative approach to explore and experiment with new business models and can create a common graphical way to communicate about the business model.
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  cycLED - eco-innovation potential tool
  Given the interdependence of many aspects required to deliver eco-innovation, the aim of this tool is to facilitate the exploration of alternate eco-innovation aspects for LED lighting manufacturers. Users will gain insight into the potential for product design and market deployment based on their situation and motivations.
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  cycLED - eco-innovation strategy check tool
  The purpose of this tool is to support the selection of eco-innovation strategies through a high-level scoring against their value, impact and fit to your company. It requires the prior identification of eco-innovation strategies and understanding of their importance against key criteria.
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  cycLED - luminaire stewardship check tool
  The stewardship check is a simple questionnaire based tool that provides an indication of the opportunities for enhanced resource management through product stewardship. The tool is intended to introduce users to factors influencing the viability of alternate stewardship strategies.
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  cycLED - Lifecycle mapping exercise
  By considering the whole life cycle, the shifting of problems from one life cycle stage to another, from one geographic area to another and from one environmental medium or protection target to another is avoided. (European Commission, Joint Research Centre). This exercise should be undertaken by design teams early in the eco-innovation process in order to develop fundamental understanding of the company position within the value chain, the identification of stakeholders and which product/service aspects you may be able to control or influence.
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  cycLED - Lifecycle specification worksheet
  To maximise the potential for greater resource efficiency, the luminaire designer must consider the whole product/service system. The lifecycle specification worksheet is a simple exercise that aims to raise awareness of whole lifecycle considerations through defining product attributes that influence resource performance across the entire life of the LED luminaire. This supports the identification of specific luminaire eco-innovation features that may act as a ‘performance passport’ travelling with the product, steering its resources at each lifecycle phase.
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  cycLED - Reach exercise
  To support companies identify the external factors relating to their eco-innovation activity, also to explore the control or influence they may have over them. Through raising issues such as the need to develop greater capacity, controls or monitoring for some factors. Through modest reflection on the significance of the drivers and actions available it is hoped greater transparency of issues influencing the business case is achievable.
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  cycLED - Insights and inspiration for eco-innovation for led lighting from a macroeconomic perspective - Part 1
  Some of the precious metals and rear earth metals that are present in energy efficient Led products are identified as critical. Those elements are mined outside Europe and their pricing in volatile. Why the market price driven by demand and supply fail to reflect the scarcity is explored. Furthermore recycling those elements is currently limited to a limited number of elements. Business practices that help in dealing with this situation are illustrated in this presentation.
cycled Insights and inspiration part 1

  cycLED - Insights and inspiration for eco-innovation for led lighting from a macroeconomic perspective - Part 2
  Long lasting energy efficient Led products are providing resource and energy efficient lighting solutions. How to still make money with this type of products while not increasing the resource and energy consumption? This presentation provides some insights and inspiration how companies proceed in this challenging market by product and service design and BM strategy.
cycled Insights and inspiration part 2

  Categorization of LED products Deliverable D2.1

The aim of this report is to select LED products with a high market share and a high content of critical materials for further research during the cycLED project. Data on material composition of LED products, on the markets, on the used materials and their criticality were gathered and analysed. We identified rare earths elements, gold, silver, indium, gallium and tin as most critical materials found in LED products. The biggest LED markets are general lighting products and backlighting units for Liquid Crystal Displays.
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  Plan for Dissemination Deliverable D10.1
  The aim of this report is to describe the dissemination process within the project cycLED. The key target groups for the dissemination are companies interested in eco-innovative solutions, scientific community, policy maker, potential business partners. For the publication of project results the project members will participate in national and international conferences and workshops.
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  Presentation of Electronics Goes Green 2012
  This presentation presents preliminary and exemplary calculation of the amounts of gallium contained in LED lighting products, which are put on the European market, are stocked in used LED lighting products and arise in end-of-life products in between 2010 and 2020. As a starting point, cycLED models material flows of LED products to identify potentials for resource efficiency along the total life cycle.
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