Electronic Load.

Electronic Load

The electronic load creates the condition for the function of an electronic device. Without a load, it makes no sense to develop a device. The electronic load is important for dimensioning parts and modules. It is the fundamental base in electronic devices, because it determines the handicaps and main topics for the development. Therefore electronic loads can be separated in different groups. The first option is a real load with all integrated functions and real conditions. The second option is to simulate the load. This simulated load is built by a signal or power sink having almost the real conditions of a real load. Some power supplies are able to be an electronic load with an additional feature. Simulated loads are often more stable and resilient against disturbances like errors and false conditions. A real electronic load is easily destroyed in case of failures in a connected module or in case of false conditions. Both types of loads are possible to use. It depends on the situation (price, availability), which one is better. The following figure a power supply, which supports power sink functionality.