LED Production Tools.

sample-image Future Lighting Solutions Set of Tools.

Future Lighting Solutions, a global supplier of solid-state lighting technologies and engineering expertise, provides the following online tools: a) Driver Selector Tools (DST) b) SSL Designer c) Usable Light Tool (ULT) .

Driver Selector Tools (DST)


Luminaire manufacturers have a significant amount of choices when selecting LED drivers which causes some potential confusion to select the most appropriate LED driver for a given application. The Driver Selector Tool simplifies the LED driver selection process while providing a rich set of features. The tool is more sophisticated than a filtering tool. It takes into account parameters such as potential LED failures, dimming and its impact on the LEDs’ forward voltage, and the impact of temperature on the LEDs forward voltage to generate the drivers’ list that best suits the application. Furthermore, if the user input criteria don’t return any drivers, the Driver Selector Tool has an intelligent algorithm by which a wizard will suggest some modifications to the input criteria that will return some drivers. There will be trade off decisions between the input criteria and the returned drivers. Possible input parameters include:

• Input voltage and current selection

• Selecting specific LEDs

• Selecting LED Vf range

• Setting output voltage range.

SSL Designer


SSL Designer is an online software enabling users to determine the minimum number of LEDs and the optimal drive current to meet light output, efficacy, and lifetime targets. It compares the LED versus lamp based solutions via an LED System Payback feature.

SSL Designer will work in four steps:

• The first step is to set specifications for the application, which include target efficacy, target lifetime, electrical rate, number of finished products that will be manufactured, etc.

• The second step consists of selecting the LED type, board substrate, heat sink, and system efficiencies. Once all of the required information is entered, SSL Designer will determine the minimum number of LEDs and the drive current to meet the target performance specifications.

• The third step is to select the existing lighting solution that will be replaced and to add the system efficiencies. • The forth step consists of generating the LED payback results in terms of power savings, cost savings and the payback in years.

Usable Light Tool (ULT)


The ULT is used to perform a thorough assessment and comparison of high-power LEDs. High-power LED datasheets publish typical flux and other performance values at a lab controlled junction temperature of 25°C. As such, it is difficult to determine the expected level of usable light in a “real world” environment. The purpose of the Usable Light Tool (ULT)is to provide a true “real world” evaluation and comparison of high-power LEDs by taking into account the effects of 7 critical relationships. The ULT calculates the drive current that will maximize the usable flux that will not exceed the advised maximum junction temperature. However, the optimal current also maximizes the luminous efficacy for the calculated maximum usable flux. Therefore, the optimal current may not always be the maximum current.

The ULT uses 3 major sources of data to optimize the analysis:

• Flux vs. Forward Current: The light output of an LED is directly influenced by the drive current. However, as the drive current increases, the power consumption of the LED increases as well, which will in turn generate additional heat.

• Forward Current vs. Forward Voltage: Increasing the drive current will increase the forward voltage. The power consumption of an LED is a direct product of forward current and the forward voltage. As a result, a rise in the forward voltage will also increase the power consumption, which will in turn increase the amount of heat generated.

• Luminous Flux vs. Junction Temperature: An increase in junction temperature of an LED will decrease its light output. This is known as the Hot/Cold factor .

Usefulness for Luminaire Manufacturers

Much like the Arrow Lighting Designer, the Future Lighting Solutions Set of Tools offers easy-to-use solutions to some of the challenges faced by luminaire manufacturers. Again, the user is limited to the range of products of that supplier limiting freedom of choices.