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The list of LCA tools shown here are for illustration purpose, but not a full list, and more tools with associated information will be added later. It includes the following information • Brief introduction of each tool and sources for further information • Comparison of the tools • Guidelines for selection of the tools • An case of utilizing the tools into the sustainable design of a LED lighting product. Five popular LCA tools, including CES EduPack, Solidworks Sustainability tool, Sustainable Minds, SimaPro and Gabi are included in this example, which cover different LCA categories, with assessment goals ranging from basic ones (carbon footprints and energy consumption) to a list of 17 mid-points impact and three end-points (human health, eco-system and resource); embedded assessment methods ranging from single one to 15 comprehensive ones; the tool categories including online tools, LCA embedded in engineering material databases and a CAD package, and stand-alone specialized LCA tools.