Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

The WEEE recast of 2002/96/EC directive aims to reduce the amount of EEE waste sent to landfill by encouraging reuse and recycling. Producers are encouraged to increase quality and performance of EEE. They are also advised in the correct method of handling the disposal of waste EEE products and their responsibilities as a producer. EEE products are divided into two categories, household and non-household. Suppliers of either of these categories are required to become members of Producer Compliance Schemes (PCS) (Provided they place more than 5 tonnes of EEE on to the market within a compliance period). The Producer pays a fee to their PCS and as a result the PCS has a legal obligation to finance the collection and treatment of any WEEE that is produced. The WEE directive also covers the various other stakeholders in the handling of EEE and WEEE. These stakeholders include local authorities, retailers and distributers, approved treatment facilities, approved exporters and consumers/ end users of EEE. In scope products must be marked with a crossed out wheelie bin logo and date as instructed by BSEN 504:2006.

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